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Bedroom, Living Room

LS-7200 Soundbar System


The LS7200’s low-profile form contains a multi-driver array fed by a slim external amp connected via a single cable, reproducing Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X® soundtracks with conviction.

Custom Installation - B&W CWM663


Delivers fantastic sound, but in an incredibly discreet package. These loudspeakers are engineered by the same team that create the monitors used in the world’s most advanced recording studios, but also deliver on key installation technologies that make them a dream to install.

In-Wall-In-Ceiling-in-wall-subwoofers_from website.jpg

600 Series Bookshelf Cinema

Bowers & Wilkins believes everyone should experience truly great sound. That's why the 600 Series is designed to suit most uses, homes and budgets. Now everyone can.

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