Rock Star Status

800 D3

The 800 D3 represents the pinnacle of audio performance. Developed for the home, but the speaker professionals trust to deliver true sound.

800 d3 3.jpg

802 D3

Delivering pristine, high-performance sound in any environment. It’s Diamond tweeter partners with a Continuum cone to ensure revealing natural sound that will leave you speechless.

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803 D3

The 803 D3 is an elegant floor-stander, delivering exceptionally natural and precise sound thanks to a combination of Diamond Dome tweeter, continuum cone, Aerofoil bass and a more compact midrange head.

804 D3

The 804 D3 is a traditional-looking floor-standing speaker featuring cutting edge technology. The ultra-rigid cabinet plays host to a Diamond Dome tweeter, continuum cone midrange and Aerofoil bass drivers. All of these come together to generate room filling, highly detailed performance.


805 D3

The 805 D3 is the only loudspeaker of its size and type to feature studio-grade technology in the form of a Diamond dome tweeter.