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Take the edge off the noise in your room with this dual purpose sound absorption and diffusion combo

The AQ1000S is a shoo-in for the best equipment when it comes to providing twofold sound solution—you’ll get not just a sound absorption feature but a diffusion capability as well. Its side A has three cavities that are especially designed to absorb a wide range of sound frequencies. Its side B, on the other hand, is made of a solid wood structure that diffuses sound impressively.

More than just these awesome features, its base is able to meet the anti-resonance standard for Hi-Fi rooms for better sound detail and clarity.

AQ1000S Diffuser

  • Solid wood formation Side A is with three different specially designed cavities to absorb sound in the wide range frequency.

    Side B is organised a solid wood diffusion structure based on QRD. The base is the one meets the anti-resonance standard for HIFI rooms.

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