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History of Bowers and Wilkins

B&W was founded in 1966 by John Bowers at Worthing,West Sussex, England. Currently, B&W, while still based in Worthing, is part of the B&W Group Ltd, which also includes audio equipment manufacturers Rotel and Classe.

1965: Beginnings


Bowers & Wilkins is now a very large company, with distribution chains and customers all over the world. But it started life with John Bowers hand-assembling speaker systems for local clients in Worthing, West Sussex, in the back of the electrical store that he ran with his friend Roy Wilkins.

1970: DM70


Without the DM70, Bowers’ dream of the perfect loudspeaker might have remained a head-in-the-clouds fantasy. Critics agreed with Bowers & Wilkins’ engineers that the sound from its 11-module, electrostatic midrange/high-frequency unit was a revelation. With its cool, curved slimline cabinet, the DM70 changed the shape of loudspeaker design for ever.

1981: Steyning Research Establishment


John Bowers creates the now world-famous Steyning Research Establishment, often dubbed ‘University of Sound’ by those journalists that visit. SRE houses a team of specialist acoustic and electronics engineers who have a wealth of modelling, testing and design tools at their disposal.

1991: 600 SERIES


Continuing the concept of the Domestic Monitor Bowers & Wilkins started in 1968, the 600 Series opened up the possibility of high-quality sound to a whole new audience. Bowers & Wilkins' affordable entry point into audiophile-quality sound, the 600 series is now in its fourth incarnation, and has received many, many five star reviews and awards.

2001: Signature 800


The exclusive Signature 800 loudspeaker was created to celebrate Bowers & Wilkins’ 35th birthday. Building on the strengths of the existing Nautilus 800 Series, the Signature 800 also showed off the company's increased cabinet making skills with a beautiful ‘Tigers Eye’ gloss finish.



The sixth incarnation of Bowers & Wilkins flagship loudspeaker range was launched at the start of 2010. The big news was diamond tweeters featuring in every model in the range for the first time, but an exhaustive overhaul to all the audio-sensitive elements meant the 800 Series Diamond was the best sounding 800 Series so far.

Toyama, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Bowers and Wilkins in the Philippines. It started in November, 1995 as the exclusive distributor of Japan Onkyo products in the Philippines. Starting with 4 personnel dedicated to the task of making Onkyo a byword in the Philippine Audio/ Video industry, Toyama, Inc. had rapidly built its name as one of the formidable key players in the audio/video industry in the Philippines.

Today, Toyama, Inc. has already become an icon in the international audio business and has acquired the exclusive distributorship of prestigious brand Bowers and Wilkins. Toyama, Inc. distributes its exclusive brands to about dealers in the entire archipelago, and is still expanding its distribution network. 


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